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In 2016 I decided to extend my health and fitness business and branch out into group exercise. I had one goal in mind – to create an inclusive fitness community. 

I’m proud to say that in the last two years the community has grown and flourished. My clients are able to work on their fitness goals in a supportive space. But it’s more than an exercise class – it’s a holistic lifestyle that empowers women (and men!) to expand their overall wellbeing. 

I’ve been passionate about health and fitness for as long as I can remember. With more than 25 years in the industry I’ve been able to develop a unique approach so that my clients are able to see results that are sustainable long term. 


As a busy mother of three, I totally get that it can be tricky to fit exercise into your routine. For this reason I make sure that if you come to my class you get your time and money’s worth. Not only will you get a really thorough workout, you’ll get personal support and access to a private Facebook group that is filled with exercise videos, tips and information that will support you in creating a balanced and healthy lifestyle.  


I have also designed an on-line program that can slot in around even the most hectic of schedules. This means that people who really can’t make it to classes can still access support and motivation. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your fitness journey – we all have different starting points. With this in mind I ensure that every class is tailored to individual fitness levels. You can start today – no matter what.


My workouts include a mixture of core stability, cardio fitness and strength. You’ll boost your metabolism, overcome challenges and have fun! (honestly!)


Many of my clients also come to me for weight loss assistance, which is why I offer the NEW YOU NOW 8 week challenge as part of any membership or casual package which is a mentoring programme with online support, and health & nutrition advice.



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